Sunday, October 4, 2009

On the Advice of a Good Friend

When it comes to all things motherhood, advice is a funny thing. Some advice we first-time moms couldn't have done without, even if we didn't want to hear it at the time. Other advice is like cheap fingernails on a blackboard, irritating to the point for the new mom where she needs to step into the hall closet, quietly close the door, stuff her face into the winter coats and have herself a little scream.

Still other advice is absolutely lifesaving. You want to send the adviser flowers, candy and Chippendale dancers. If you were to ever win the lottery, you'd buy this person a gross of steak dinners at the steakhouse of her choice. Plus, massages. Lots and lots of massages.

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Eva's Mama said...

I've given some thought to wearing Eva again on occasion, despite the fact that she's nearly 3. I think she would like it, and the Moby looks perfect for a generously bazoomed girl like myself.

And YOU, m'dear, are absolutely adorable, as is your son.

Snico said...

I'm just now reading this post and OMG. I. Need. A. Moby. All the cool midwify type gals have one in this area... except me. Cause I thought they'd be hot and awkward. But I miiiiissss my baby snuggle times int he Bjorn while out on the town. Will get a Moby.

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