Monday, October 12, 2009

Anatomy of a Blogger

Just to further convince you from my last post that I am indeed the most needy candidate for a makeover at Ihloff Fall Collection this year, here's my most recent portrait.

Anatomy of a Blogger

This shot is like a diagram of the outward appearance of the average blogger. Check it out:

Anatomy of a Blogger

My fellow bloggers out there will totally back me up on this. From the naughty coffee cup to the hair that hasn't seen a dollop of shampoo in four days, I am the freaking poster child for full-time blogging.

Those of you out there who don't have your own blog, you're thinking about it now, right?

Anatomy of a Blogger

The best way to stop this madness is to forsake just one beer tonight and donate that money to Resonance Center for Women. Then, let Resonance know who most deserves the makeover of a lifetime come Oct. 22.

Be part a movement. Remove this eyesore from your city and donate right now. Everyone will thank you and laud your name in the streets and with monuments and parades and probably on Twitter, amen.


Man of the West said...

I wouldn't know what other bloggers look like. I've only met two. 'Cause I rarely leave the house, you know...

Brigid said...

I blog in professional attire, but that's because I do it from my day job (shhh!). :)

Holly Wall said...

Don't believe her! She's a phony! That naughty coffee mug she's hoisting so proudly was a birfday gift from YOURS TRULY. So, see? I'm really the one in need of a makeover!

Or, maybe my soul just needs a makeover... I mean, who gives a friend a naughty coffee cup for her birthday?

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Lol! -You wouldn't believe how often I look similar to this =D

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