Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fill in the Blank

The Mayo Hotel

Sometimes I get a wild hair and decide it'd be a good idea to post a random question on Twitter and Facebook for everyone to ponder, poke fun at, print and flush down the toilet or maybe, if I'm lucky, consider answering.

Thursday I posed, "Fill in the blank: Tulsa is home to ________." An innocent enough question, I thought. I bet I'd get five responses, give or take a response. Or five.

I certainly didn't think that question would open the floodgates of public opinion. Within an hour or so I had 30 responses on Facebook and 23 more on Twitter. Those are solid numbers 'round here, especially considering I wasn't even giving anything away.

I loved the range of attitudes about life in Tulsa reflected in what people had to say about this city as a home, whether to family or great food or the worst roads to ever criss-cross the American prairie.

Here are some of my favorites:
  • QuikTrip. And the Cain's.
  • A generous community, willing to give their time AND money to those less fortunate.
  • The best quality of life for young professionals anywhere in the country.
  • More art, theater and music than you can get to.
  • All who return from far-flung locales, having completed their spirit quest, ready to bring their hard-won knowledge and experience back into the fold.
Boomerangers. Tulsa's full of 'em. Folks just can't stay away.

I love how blogging and other forms of social media are interactive, which means readers have the opportunity to have their voices heard in a way traditional media has a hard time delivering. Some folks said Tulsa is home to:

I love how the quirkiness of this city comes out in responses to questions like these. Tulsa is home to:

  • A plethora of churches.
  • No more than two degrees of separation.
  • 26 comments and nobody mentions the Center of the Universe? The Center of the Universe!
  • The strange alongside the commonplace.
  • The cutest bulldog ever, Bella.

Bella! I love it.

Get the full list of responses on Twitter and Facebook.

Now it's your turn. How would you fill in the blank?


ambientchatter said...

the yield sign
the zebco fishing reel

Jill of All Trades said... class museums
...trees, lots of trees,(especially beautiful this fall)

Melessa said... Namaw and my Pawdad, my grandparents who ARE the center of our family's universe

Tasha said...

Ambient - the Zebco reel! Of course! Brilliance.

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