Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fair Fare and You

Tulsa State Fair 2009

I spent more than eight hours milling around at the fair today checking out exhibits, riding rides, listening to live bands, watching dogs do double back flips and, most of all, eating lots and lots of artery hardening, super-fried food that's probably illegal in 38 states.

I mean, I saw a sign advertising fried dough at the fair today, for the love. That's carbs and maybe a little bit of butter and/or shortening, deep-fried in some type of inexpensive fat, probably peanut oil, all dusted with a bit of powdered sugar. Delish.

How about you - have you made a trip to the Tulsa State Fair this year? What'd you see? What'd you do? What'd you eat, and how do you think it was made?


tulsawillis said...

I will certainly have a turkey leg. I love 'em. To me, it's the best fair food available.

tulsawillis said...
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Anonymous said...

Best thing I had at the fair was apple fries. Apples rolled in cinnamon and sugar served warm with caramel and whipped cream. Very large serving for $4.

Traveling Spork said...

Love. That. Picture.


Eva's Mama said...

I went last Saturday to see the cake show, and had a decent corn dog and an overpriced and over-iced lemonade. A pretzel purchased on the way out was too hard and cold, but there are other vendors I might check out- a lady I saw carried one that looked fluffy and good.

The 3 of us are going on Friday during the day, and my husband will certainly eat any manner of sausage he can find, while I plan to hork down at least half a funnel cake. Our daughter will sample whatever we have, and I'm sure she's a funnel cake girl like her mama.

We also make a point to get pork burgers every year, sold in one of the north buildings by the pork industry people. Delish!

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