Thursday, October 8, 2009


Think the only way to get good, fresh lobster in a landlocked city in a landlocked state is to head to the coast, catch it and fly it in yourself?

Well, you're wrong. Thank goodness.

Lobsterpalooza 2009

St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church and Preschool offers as much fresh-caught lobster as you can eat - we're talking lobsters that were basking in the ocean just the day before you chow down. Simply pre-order and get to 5635 E. 71st Street on Saturday, Oct. 24. It's $20 for a live Maine lobster, or for $20 for 1 1/4 pound of the cooked stuff.

Idea! Put together an Evite and send it to your best and favorite friends and family, inviting them to your house the evening of the 24th. Then, put in your order to St. Dunstan's for a couple of lobsters or five. Come the second-to-last Saturday of this month, you'll have an instant party on your hands.

Another idea: Join all the happy and smiling faces at St. Dunstan's for the parish potluck lobster boil. It's Oct. 24 at 6:30pm.

Here's the kicker, folks. The deadline to order or sign up for the potluck is Oct. 19. That's only two Mondays away. It's best to go ahead and order now so that it's done, it's over, it's in the works. Simply call dear, sweet Angela at 918.492.7140, or e-mail her. Don't worry - she doesn't bite.


Oh, yum.

Proceeds of Lobsterpalooza benefit St. Dunstan's Preschool and children's ministries. After all, what better investment is there than our children? Lobster definitely ranks high, but kiddos, they are the most precious candidates for our expendable funds. They're not just our joy - they're our future.

EDIT//From a reader:

That's just about as perfect a representation of what Lobsterpalooza is all about as we're going to find, I'm pretty sure. Thanks for that, @jayspear.

Lobster baby photo from [bb-Blog].

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It's wrong how excited I am about this. Thanks for the heads up!

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