Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Power Lunch: Abears on Greenwood


Abears, the little workday diner peeking out from under the green awning on Greenwood Avenue, is one of those eat spots with a reputation that precedes it. The 750-SF diner has been open since May 2007, but suddenly we heard about Abears everywhere we went.

We followed our ears to the site of the late, great Black Wall Street, a Tulsa Business Journal editor and I — two women proud and unafraid of ordering three entrees, two sides and dessert between them in order to get this restaurant review thing done right. We didn’t get through our first bites before we understood the reason for all the hubbub.

Read the rest of this review of the incredible food at Abears on Greenwood on the food page in Tulsa Business Journal.


Joe said...

Did you get a peak at their burger? Just wondering.

ambientchatter said...

you need to get this on the Tulsa Food Blog.

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