Saturday, April 25, 2009

Winning Grace

Yesterday I wrote that I could use a date to tomorrow's Taste of Grace event , a 9-course meal, fashion show and silent auction that will get started at noon tomorrow at Tulsa Historical Society. I thought it'd be fun to open the invitation to my blog readers, since I love all of you so. Of course, I made a contest out of it because I'm narcissistic and should probably be seeing someone good, very good, about that.

And now, the winner! To enter, readers could either Twitter about Tasha Does Tulsa or leave a comment on yesterday's post about the giveaway. There were several entries - dozens, I assure you - and I had a pretty hard time choosing the best one. Ultimately, this was my favorite:

Anonymous treygar said...

top five awkward reasons tasha shouldn't go stag and should take trey

1) both of their names start with a 'T'.
2) trey is new to Tulsa and needs friends to write home about and ease his aging parents worries that their firstborn is a loner.
3) trey will chronicle the experience, in poem, and read the poem aloud next time he goes to open mic night at the Gypsy.
4) trey likes food.
5) trey likes free food.

Thanks for being willing to spend your Sunday afternoon with me, Trey! And thanks for making me laugh. E-mail me at tashadoestulsa dot  com and we'll take care of logistics.

Thanks to everyone who entered. I love you forever for being willing to become one of those people who have met someone from the Internet to hang out with me. Not that that's bad - the first time I "met" my husband was via e-mail, and my best friend and I met face-to-face only after a few months of messaging back and forth on Facebook - so, who knows. Maybe one of you will deliver my second child or is obscurely related to me or will be sent to the same mental hospital as me. You never can tell.


Brigid said...

I'm glad you chose that comment. It made me giggle.

treygar said...

thanks so much for choosing me as a winner I had a great time and it was nice to see a community event for such a good cause.

I will not, however, deliver your second child.

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