Saturday, April 11, 2009

Go Now.

Because you wouldn't want to miss this: Opening day of the Cherry Street Farmers Market, at 15th Street and Peoria Avenue in Lincoln Plaza.

Gorgeous lettuces from the incomparable Three Springs Farm, Oaks.

Hands down, the best hummus in town, from Cherry Street's Palace Cafe. I hear their basil pesto is pretty good, too.

The wide assortment of herbs and plants available from Blakely Family Farms, Oologah.

Seriously. Go now. You have thirty minutes to snag the best supplies to get your grub on this week.


Maria said...

OK. Don't laugh, but I could have sworn I saw you there, but I didn't want to be the freak who asked if it was you. Was it you? Around 8? Little one in the stroller?

Maria said...

Oh yes... I am in your picture by the way, and it def was you! LOL. Next time I will speak up. :)

Jill of All Trades said...

Man I wish I didn't stay in all day yesterday. In town for a weekend I just needed to stay in but what I missed!

Brigid said...

Urg, I missed the first day. I will NOT miss next Saturday, however!

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