Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lifestyles of the Tulsa Rich and Probably Famous

Something my mom, my Meme and I used to do together on Saturday afternoons was drive through one of Tulsa's many colorful and eclectic neighborhoods, Maple Ridge, and gawk at the beautiful homes there.

They're unlike any others in Tulsa, and each one is different and unique from the others - no street after street of the suburban-style houses of late. Cruising through Maple Ridge makes for some great curb checking and such severe swerving that other cars will be afraid to travel alongside you on the narrow streets of Midtown. Which is a good thing.

There's a more socially approved way of staring through the lighted windows of the homes in Maple Ridge, and it happens tomorrow. Head to one of the tour homes listed on the Maple Ridge neighborhood site, grab some tickets and prepare to be impressed.

The home tour is a major fundraiser for the neighborhood. Proceeds go toward beautification projects and neighborhood-sponsored events.

If you buy them today, tickets are $8 - if you wait until tomorrow, they're $10. Children under 10 are admitted free.

Free shuttle transportation will be available at Tulsa Garden Center, 2435 S. Peoria.


Mos Jef said...

Every year, they host the Maple Ridge 5k Run. The people that live there line the streets and hand you water and stuff as you run by. It's sort of like taking a tour of homes -- except you go by at about 8 or 9 mph...and the houses bounce up and down slightly.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

LOL at Mos Jef comment. Maybe he runs by at 8 or 9 mph. I'm a breathless 6 in sprint mode.
Anyway, driving around Maple Ridge is great. We won't make the tour this year, maybe next.
At Christmastime we like driving around looking at the lights.

Joy said...

Durnit! I wish I would have known about this yesterday! "A day late", as they say, eh?

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