Saturday, April 18, 2009

Winner (Late. So Very Late)

Oh, my dear Lord have mercy apple pie. I just woke up on my own, without the aid of an alarm clock or a baby slapping me in the face or forcibly opening my eyelids, for the first time in - seriously - two years.

Guess how long I slept? A solid and peaceful 13 hours. Can I just write that again? 13 hours. I don't think I have slept that long since high school, when I caught mononucleosis from a water fountain and slept that long pretty much ever single night. Bad water fountain, bad. Cough.

Hey-nyway, I have a winner to announce. Yesterday I held my first ever Twitter contest/giveaway, and let me tell you, it was interesting. I loved reading what y'all are going to get up to this weekend, and I had myself a little crash course in hashtags and Twitter search engines. I had fun, and I hope every one of you did, too.

I hard a hard time picking a winner, but in the end, I liked what @JenMcCollum had to say (click to enlarge):

To get to Jen's entry, I pointed by browser (Firefox, w00t w00t) to searched for #tashadoestulsa.

After reading a page of results, I not only liked the idea of Jen turning benedict arnold, but I really liked that she did me one better than just entering the contest.

She retweeted about it:

Now that's what I call a good Twitter follower. Good tweeter @JenMcCollum, good tweeter.

The great thing about retweeting is that your message always sounds better coming from someone else's mouth. That wasn't supposed to sound graphic, but it ended up that way, and I'm sorry a little. But it's true.

Jen, send me a tweet or a direct message ("DM" in Twitter lingo, for all you newbies to Twitter out there) to claim your prize!

While everyone's on Twitter, why not follow Jen while you're at it? She runs a great blog, so stop by and have a look-see at that, too. Also, follow me. Because I love you and will retweet you to kingdom come, as long as you don't tweet incessantly about your cat, your baby and what you're having for lunch that day. Only I am allowed to do that.

Feel free to go ahead and tweet what you're up to in Tulsa whenever you feel like it. Just remember to use the hashtag #tashadoestulsa so we can follow along without having to follow you first.

Thanks to all for playing! Happy Twittering.


jenX67 said...

How Cool!!! I didn't there was anyway I'd win since I'm in OKC. How fun this will be. Thank you!!

email is jenx67[at]cox[dot]net of DM jenmccollum.

This is generous of you, and you do have a very fine blog. I visit often even if I don't comment. jen

Michael Bates said...

I hope at least that the water fountain was cute.

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