Saturday, April 4, 2009

Finally - Easter!

Ever since last April, I have been gritting my teeth and fanning my face, waiting with great anticipation for this Easter. Last year, my son was just a month-and-a-half old. Plus, he was an extra-tiny little guy, and since the flu was epidemic in Oklahoma last year, our doctor gave us strict instructions not to go out where there might be crowds unless absolutely necessary. So, much to my chagrin, we missed Easter 2008. 

So, this Easter is, in spirit, our little one's first. He's all set with the cutest, most handsome Easter outfit I could find; he's already got the goods for a stellar Easter basket (which are hard to put together for someone who can't yet have marshmallows or peanut butter, by the way); and I have everything we need to color dozens of the hardboiled eggs that he will probably inhale in five seconds because, well, he's egg-obsessed. 

The one thing we still haven't figured out is the Easter egg hunt. For me, they've always been a bittersweet experience. It's exciting to watch the older kids run around like yahoos looking for little plastic eggs, but it's hard to see the little ones get practically run over and, when one of the little ones finally has an egg within reach and crouches to grab it, some dumb 12-year-old comes up from the side and snatches it away.

Oh, the mental image. I'm in pain already. 

If anyone knows of an Easter egg hunt suitable for the just-walking - or any other Easter event - please leave information in the comments. This is going to be another one of those evolving posts like the one I did for St. Patrick's Day. This way I can update everyone on what Easter festivities are happening in T-Town as I hear about them rather than posting what I know for now and inevitably missing something super-cool.

As always, beware while mowing the yard the weekend after Easter. Things can get stinky. My grandpa, who has run over many a week-old patch of forgotten Easter eggs with a tractor, knows from experience. 

Easter Egg Hunts: 
Owen Park. April 9, 4:30 p.m. All ages. Head to Owen for an Easter egg hunt and a chance to hang with the Easter bunny! Call 596-1485 for more information. 
LaFortune Park. April 11, 10 a.m. Ages 3-8. Come meet in the Gardens of LaFortune Park for our annual Easter Egg Hunt. Be prepared for a shotgun start at 10:00 a.m. sharp. BYOB - Bring your own baskets! Call 496-6220 for more information. 
East Side Christian Church. April 11, 11 a.m. Community Easter egg hunt, and get your picnic on! 1438 S. Indianapolis, 744-1377.
Owasso Easter Egg Drop. April 11, 1 p.m, at Centennial Park in Owasso. Ages 2-11. It's like an Easter egg hunt, only way cooler. In addition to tons of eggs on the field, thousands of eggs will be dropped from a helicopter! Your kids will have a blast collecting eggs, playing on inflatables and enjoying the day. Check in at 12:15 or preregister. 

Other fun Easter stuff: 
Kids have some pent-up creativity? Head to Sage Culinary Studio on Brookside for an easter egg decorating session on Saturday, April 11. Children will decorate six eggs, sent home in a smart little carton. Register for one of the workshops by by April 9 and pay $15, or pay $20 if you register after April 9. 
Don't forget to visit the Easter bunny! He'll be at Promenade Mall every day until April 11. 


Michelle said...

Our church, Calvary Baptist, is having an Easter Egg Hunt at Mitchell Elementary on Saturday, 4/11. See our website,, for details

suburban hippy mama said...

If you're a zoo member you can take your little one to "Zoobilee" at the Tulsa zoo for a "penguin egg" hunt. Kids under 4 get to hunt 15 minutes before the older ones. Free train and carousel rides, face painting, and pics w/ the easter bunny, and more. Good times :)

Jodi said...

I think the Jenks hunt would be a good choice, with birth to 4 getting the first picks. If I can figure out where the Jenks High School is, our 23 month old will be there!

Info from "Jenks: Saturday, Hunter-Dwelley Football Field on the central campus of Jenks High School. About 6,000 eggs will be distributed among three age groups: 10 a.m., birth-preschool; 10:20 a.m., kindergarten-second grade; and 10:40 a.m., third-fifth grades. For more information: the Rev. Harold Phillips, 299-3366."


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