Friday, April 24, 2009

I Need A Date

Guess what? I get to go to this really cool thing on Sunday afternoon. Noon marks the beginning of the inaugural Taste of Grace event, to benefit Grace Hospice Foundation . Chefs from nine Tulsa restaurants will set up shop at Tulsa Historical Society and do their best to work their foodie magic around me and several other members of the media who may or may not know how to turn on a stove.

Problem is, as of right now, I'm going stag. I don't like going stag. I look funny when I'm alone - like the redhead the world forgot, or maybe a lost puppy in a blogger's body, minus the cute, weepy eyes. Not that I don't have eyes, because I do.

Anyway. I'd love to share this exciting event, a ticket to which is valued at $50, with one of my readers.

If you're available Sunday and would like to come hang out with me at the Taste of Grace event at Tulsa Historical Society and stuff yourself with food from nearly a dozen local chefs and gander at luxurious silent auction items and have a generally uproarious time, do the following:

  • Go to
  • If you already have an account, sign in; if you don't already have an account, make one!
  • Follow @tashadoestulsa.
  • Tweet anything you want about - preferably, something nice. If you win you will, after all, have to spend an entire afternoon with me. 
  • Leave a comment, any comment, on this post.

My favorite tweet/comment by 5 p.m. Saturday is the winner. I'll announce my accomplice by 6 p.m., as long as I don't fall asleep for 13 hours .


treygar said...

top five awkward reasons tasha shouldn't go stag and should take trey

1) both of their names start with a 'T'.
2) trey is new to Tulsa and needs friends to write home about and ease his aging parents worries that their firstborn is a loner.
3) trey will chronicle the experience, in poem, and read the poem aloud next time he goes to open mic night at the Gypsy.
4) trey likes food.
5) trey likes free food.

Michael said...

That's a really wonderful event for a great cause.

And you should take this Trey fellow, his argument certainly has me convinced.

Trait said...

Hello Tasha,

If I win, I will promptly give the ticket to my wife as a surprise. You see, she could use some high society and adult conversation for a few hours after keeping our 16-month old boy by herself while I was away on business for 4 days this past week. Plus, I think she'd really enjoy hanging out with you - who wouldn't though?

Holly Wall said...

I vote for Trait! It sounds like his wife deserves the ticket. Single-handedly wrangling a toddler is no easy task.

Brian said...

Would love to attend with you!!!!!!

Joy said...

This makes much more sense now. Not at all "dirty" like a corporate set up. Although, that was supposed to be partially a joke.. It's challenging to properly express tone through text. I hope you had a great time!

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