Saturday, January 2, 2010

More on This Later

I'm about to break out what my dear, sweet Guatemalan friend would call my white girl cooking skills and attempt to whip up some yummy Mexican food - specifically, tacos. They may not be authentic, but they will be cheesy. And spicy. And yummy in the hearts and minds of those who will consume them, so don't judge, b.

Anyway. I can't wait until I have a minute to tell you all, my dead-sexy readers, every single last detail about what my husband and I got up to on New Years Eve.

Well, maybe not every single last detail. You don't need that kind of imagery in your life. But, I will tell you about how we were the unwitting grand prize winners of the Ultimate New Years Eve contest, hosted by the Mabee Center, Hilton Southern Hills, Arcs Salon and The French Bouquet.

Thanks to these folks, we got to sit 15 feet - go ahead, step it off; it's hardly any distance at all - from this man:

B.B. King @ Mabee Center, New Years Eve 2009

You might know him as B.B. King. You know, the King of the Blues. It's not just in the name. It's in the tunes, baby.

B.B. King @ Mabee Center, New Years Eve 2009

Like I said, I'm not going to go into what I thought about this concert right now. Instead, I'll leave you with three words: Best. Concert.

B.B. King @ Mabee Center, New Years Eve 2009


Hilton Southern Hills

More on all of that later. For now, feel free to drool over these photos and be jealous and curse me and my lucky stars while I attempt to eat a half-dozen tacos. My logic is, I'll need the calories to keep warm this week. That makes sense, right?


Best concert ever. Sorry. I just had to say that again.


treygar said...

Nice photos. Question though, when is the next contest as it has now been a year since I've won anything, yuk yuk.

Ed said...

Isn't B.B. King amazing? I've seen him 5 times and he's never disappointed!

Tulsa Tourist said...


Tasha said...

Be careful, Trey, or I'll make you come with me to Taste of Grace again this year and leave you to make conversation with my husband and infant child. Fun for you!

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