Monday, January 11, 2010

Need Wedding Advice?

Our Wedding Day

Calling all brides! Now that you're done with your weekend of visiting with vendors, trying samples, learning how to walk a catwalk in a billowing white dress (or, in my case, what my best friend likes to call my hooker wedding dress) at the wedding shows that were in town since Saturday, be sure to pick up the latest edition of Oklahoma Magazine, the annual wedding edition, free at a variety of locations throughout the Tulsa area.

Then, turn to page 134. Then to page 142. And finally to page 155. Here are snippets of the stories you'll find there.

All In The Family: Don't let your wedding day become a family feud

In the wedding episode of the hit prime-time sitcom The Office, a nationwide audience watch as the bride, Pam Beasely, attempted to pull on her wedding dress as she consoled her mother about the hot young girlfriend that showed up on the arm of Pam's father, her mother's ex-husband.

The stress drove the bride and the groom to elope to Niagara Falls before they showed up an hour late at their church ceremony for the "real" wedding.

Family stress, as it turns out, can cause couples to do crazy things.

When Disaster Strikes: Make sure your wedding doesn't end up on the blooper reel

Bloopers, outtakes and candid camera - they make us laugh, and they make TV and film executives millions. These behind-the-scenes gut busters are practically a television genre in their own rite. It seems there's nothing funnier than a wedding day disaster, but no bride wants to be the butt of this joke.

To avoid the worst on the big day, take heed of these bits of advice from local wedding gurus.

China and Chainsaws: Modern day bridal registries evolve with the times

Not all brides swoon over full sets of china and crispy bed linens these days.

Many to-be-wed couples are looking for registries that will deliver gifts that are more practical - even, more fun.

To read the rest of these stories, pick up a copy of the January 2010 edition about town or hop on the Oklahoma Magazine Web site, register and read them online.

How many of you are preparing to go down the isle? Or, have you already been down that road once, hoping that you'll never have to plan a wedding again? I wanna hear some down-and-dirty wedding stories, people, and some tales of impending nuptial angst. Let it fly.

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Carrisa said...

Thom and I got married in Las Vegas at the top of the Stratosphere. Then we stayed a couple extra days to make it feel like a honeymoon. Of course this was all in August. It was hot as hell. I don't think I'll ever go back there in the summer again.

A couple of weeks later we had a reception party at my sister's house. Andale's catered. It was fabulous. We registered at Target and got great things. And lots of cash!

The only thing I wish I would have done differently is go ahead and spend the extra money on a photographer. A good photographer is always worth the expense.

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