Sunday, January 24, 2010

Things to Do With the Kids in Tulsa This Week

Looking for something to do with the kids this week? Get out your calendars and get ready to take notes, because I have a few ideas.

Monday: Elmo Tickets/Dinner Out
When: 10am
Where: BOK Center/Brewburger Tulsa, 6577 E. 71st Street
In case you somehow haven't heard, Elmo is coming to town. He'll be here March 25-28, and Monday morning at 10am is when tickets go on sale. Procure them early. Then, take the kids out for dinner. Brewburger, an indie south Tulsa burger joint that offers everything from your classic burger to a fish burger pattied fresh by Bodean's, offers kids' dinners for $1 on Monday nights. You'll be smiling - and wiping delicious burger juice from your chin - all the way to the bank.

Tuesday: Two for Tuesdays, Science Under the Stars
When: 6:30pm
Where: Oklahoma Aquarium, 300 Aquarium Drive in Jenks
Get two tickets to the Oklahoma Aquarium for the price of one on Tuesdays, also the night the Aquarium stays open late, now through Feb. 23. Stick around until 6:30 for Science Under the Stars. The first program is What Bugs You?, or a look into what our world would be like without insects.

Wednesday: Circus iPhone Photography Show
Where: Circle Cinema Gallery, 10 S. Lewis Ave.
No, the circus isn't in town, but these photos, amazingly shot with an iPhone camera, are even better than the real thing. Don't forget to ask your kids lots of questions about what they think is going on in the photos, as well as how they think they were shot. You might just find out that your kids are smarter than you think. All photos by Tulsa photographer Scott Raffe.

Thursday: Tales at Twilight and Richter and Uzar Duo
When: 6:30pm; 7pm
Where: Hardesty Regional Library, 8316 E. 93rd Street
Squeeze a story time in at 6:30 before heading over to Connor's Cove (adjacent to Hardesty) for a 7pm concert. Hailed as one of the finest guitarists and composers of the 21st century, Richter and his collaborator, Uzar, will perform a variety of music, from classical to contemporary.

Friday: Tulsa Oilers Jersey Night
When: 7:35pm
Where: BOK Center, 200 N. Denver Ave.
Not only do kids get in free to the Oilers game Friday night, but the first 500 munchkins who make it through the door get free Oilers jerseys, too. Click here or on the image above to get the free ticket and, of course, plan to get there early.

To stay plugged in to everything going on in Tulsa that'd be of interest to your kids (or to you as the person who gets to parent those kids), check out


NatBean said...

Hey, do you have insider info on a concert in May by Straight No Chaser? I don't think it's at the Bok. What's the story oh-great-and-knowing Oz?

Tasha said...

Hey, NatBean. Here's what I know: Straight No Chaser will be at Tulsa Convention Center - that's downtown at 100 Civic Center. Tickets are $32 in advance or $37 the day of the show. Tickets go on sale to the public Jan. 29, but if you click on the link below and use the code word REESE, you can get 'em right now. I haven't heard anything about discounted tickets (in case you're interested), but if I do, I'll see if I can't forward those details along.

NatBean said...

silly busybee didn't include the link that you mentioned = )

Tasha said...

Nuts. Sorry about that.

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