Friday, January 29, 2010

The Best Sledding Spots in Tulsa

As I'm wont to do on a snowy day in Tulsa, I hopped on Twitter and Facebook to see where the best sledding spots are in Green Country.

Growing up along Highway 97 between Sand Springs and Sapulpa, I was never at a loss for good sledding. The hills of Sand Springs and Berryhill are a kid's wildest dream come true after a few inches of snow. What I don't know, though, is where the best hills in Tulsa proper are hiding.

Here are a few answers from the Facebook- and Twitter-verse:

I live in Turner Park, and I've been hoping for a chance to sled over at Rogers High.... They have a field that is like a huge bowl!

Harwelden is normally a winner and there's a great two-sided hill on the back/north side of Cherry Hills at 36th between Lakewood and Joplin.

Check with McBirney Mansion. They have a great hill out back, and I think they sometimes do sledding there.

Ba on sixty first just east of bass pro shop [Not Tulsa proper, but close enough]

Grab your sled. It's time to head to the hills at the Bass Pro Shop in BA [Hey, if everybody else is jumping off a bridge, shouldn't you at least seriously consider it?]

Isn't this kind of like fishing holes? You don't really want to give the best spots away? P.S. It doesn't get much better than Chandler Park...really.

I imagine any city park/potential retention pond would be a great place to go sledding, too.

Got your own secret sledding spot? Go ahead, spill the beans and share the location in the comments. If I can manage to compile a good number of locations, I'll pull my partner in crime away from his studies to make a map for us.

I love a man who can make a map. Literally.


What's Cookin Stacey?? said...

Living on Beaty's Creek there are many sledding hills. Our favorite is right out in front of our home. Tasha if you are ever down this way I will share an address. hee hee


Jill of All Trades said...

Oh to be young again. I've lost my childlike ways to enjoy the snow except from behind an safe glass window. Have fun!

Nicole Nascenzi said...

We went to Rogers High School yesterday and it was great - lots of room to sled and even some stairs to climb back up the hill with.

Holly said...

I am pretty far out of the know regarding Tulsa's best sledding spots. But I have to admit- the mere thought of rushing down an icy hill makes me want to squeak with joy.

Trisha said...

Midtowners it's all about Zink Park! Doesn't anyone go there anymore?

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