Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vote! And Where to Watch for Election Results

KRMG Mayoral Smashup

Not-so-newsflash: Today is an election day in Tulsa. The first order of business is to review the issues. Then, get out there and vote.

Don't know where to go, or how to get a ride there in the first place? Contact the lovely men and ladies at League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Tulsa for help. They'll answer phones starting at 7am to help voters locate precincts, polling places and rides. Numbers to try are (918) 747-7933, (918) 231-3340 and (918) 850-2048.

There's a lot more to do tonight after you cast your vote for mayor, city auditor, the three city charter amendments and, if you're in one of the districts with a seat up for grabs, city councilor than return home and sit in your armchair to offer an early analysis on the election results.

Instead, you can do your armchair analyzing at one of the several candidate watch parties, held in some of the most happening locales in town.

There's no better way to watch an election than from the same room as one of the contenders for office. It's exciting or it's heartbreaking - either way, it's far from boring. Plus, it's a great way to meet your neighbors, make new friends and find other like-minded people in the community.

Who knows, maybe at one of these parties you and a group of do-gooders could come up with your own way to make Tulsa a better place, no matter who gets to sit in the big chair in The Cube.

I'll continue to update this post as I hear about the individual parties, so check back every now and again. See you all out and about.

Watch Parties for the Mayoral Candidates

Where: Crystal Ballroom at Mayo Hotel, 115 W. Fifth Street
When: 7pm

Where: Stokely Event Center, 10111 E. 45th Place
When: 7pm

Where: Leon's on the Restless Ribbon, 3301 S. Peoria Ave.
When: 7pm

Watch Parties for City Council Candidates

Where: Rose Bowl Event Center, 7419 E. 11th Street
When: 7pm

Where: La Quinta Inn, 23 N. 67th E. Ave. (near I-244, east of Sheridan)
When: 7pm

Where: Casa Laredo, 403 S. Cheyenne Ave.
When: 7pm

Where: Green Country Event Center, 12000 E. 31st Street
When: 7pm

Watch Parties for City Auditor Candidates

Where: Caz's Chowhouse, 18 E. Brady St.
When: Approx. 6:30pm

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