Monday, November 30, 2009

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From time to time I find that I've spent an entire morning reading blogs. With all the banter and pontificating and re-telling and general memoir yumminess, it's hard to keep from it from time to time (read: more often that it makes me comfortable to admit. There's dishes and laundry and baby-raisin' to do around here, after all).

Everyone - that is, unless you're still one of those people who ask, "What's a blog?" and if you are, odds would have it that you're not reading this, anyway - has their vices when it comes to blog reading. Mine is The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Did you all see the Beef Stew with Mushrooms she posted today? Lord. Have. Mercy. On my thighs. Because that's right where a recipe by Ree Drummond typically heads - at least, that's true in my case. That all of the recipes on her site now print with ease thanks to HP, my hodgepodge, finders-keepers cookbook stuffed in a three-ring binder left over from college is expanding. Also, my second chin, it is screaming. These days, it's really been throwing its weight around.

Good thing second chins don't get a vote in my house. Stand down, chins!

Speaking of second chins, Hillary over at Life Yoga, a one-woman Tulsa yoga studio that specializes in private and small classes, has a set of resolutions we should all heed now if we don't want to be making lofty vows to ourselves to lose weight and get in shape come the morning of Jan. 1. While I personally have a hard time giving up all of the comfort food that's available around holiday time, I like Hillary's idea of starting family traditions to stay trim.

Start new family traditions. This year my mom and I came up with an idea to start taking a walk every holiday after our meal. We took an hour long walk a few hours after Thanksgiving lunch. All the boys were taking a nap anyways- so we didn't miss a thing and got to spend some great time together. And lets face it- we live in Oklahoma, it's probably going to be 70 on Christmas anyways...

However you choose to spend your holiday just know that it is an excuse to get together with your family and friends- not to eat whatever you want with no consequences. You will feel much better if you follow these simple steps- and will be able to make a much better New Years resolution than losing weight.

Okay, okay, Hillary, I give up - no five slices of pie in one day this Christmas for Tasha. Thanks for working to keep us healthy, woman.

For all my knitting friends, be sure to put on your creative thinking caps and enter to win a 500-yard skein of organic, fingering-weight merino from the folks at Clear Creek Lavender. The prompt: Name the new colorway. You have until noon or so on Wednesday.

77 Counties has a striking image of my beloved Theta Pond. I spent many an afternoon sketching and dodging bird poop at that pond instead of studying in the library, where I should have been. If you haven't yet checked out the 77 Counties project, do it now. The photos are choice.

My pal Carrisa over at And So She Blogs has a valuable lesson for all of you who forget to lock up (I live with one, too, Carrisa - we should start a support group). Plus, she's got delicious, buttery, sweet-smelling baby photos.

Michael Bates - or, as I like to call him, Bates (actually, I call him, "He Who Knows," but usually only in the confines of my feeble little mind) - has a reminder about tonight's showing of the newest Jack Frank show, Tulsa A-Z. Head to Batesline for details, and be sure to tune in.

Jeff Shaw over at Bounded Rationality has a review of a new restaurant downtown. I tried it a few weeks ago and I, too, give Zorba's Greek Grill two thumbs up.

For all you history buffs out there, boy, do I have a blog for you: Historic Tulsa. Check out three recent posts on midtown mansions: Parriot Mansion, Carl K. Dresser House (read: Tulsa wedding central) and Moore Manor, on the same tract as the Creek Nation Council Oak, the fabled birthplace of Tulsa. I love those old photos, don't you all?

The always snarky Irritated Tulsan has 25 Uses for Leftover Turkey. Here's a preview: Use No. 24 is pothole filler. Use No. 12? Monopoly game pieces. Use No. 1? Unmentionable here on this mostly family-friendly blog. Check it out - you won't be sorry.

Ever get the hankerin' for horseback riding? Ron over at Route 66 News has a little somethin' for ya - Route 66 Riding Stables. Check out his photos and review. While you're there, have a look around the site. Ron writes about everything from restaurants on Route 66 to Route 66 property for sale. It's a great resource and an even better read.

All these holidays got you thinking it's finally time to learn to boil water? Learn that and more in the cooking classes at The Stock Pot. Check Tulsa Food Blog for offerings and times.

Did you miss Garden Glow at Philbrook last Saturday? No worries - you can catch some pics over at What's Up @ Philbrook, a blog about Tulsa's world-class museum at 2424 S. Rockford, updated daily.

To what Tulsa and Oklahoma blogs are you addicted? Share and feast upon links in the comments.
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Carrisa said...

I love this post. Tulsa bloggers unite! And yes, a support group would be great. We could spend an entire evening discussing how it's impossible for them to replace the toilet paper roll.

Man of the West said...

"Addicted" might be a strong word, but I get a lot of mileage out of:

Batesline, like everybody else;
The Fundamental Family;
Oklahoma Lefty, even though Dave's a liberal an' all that...;
The Wynnblog;

There are others. But those came to mind first.

Tasha said...

Carrisa, I could spend an entire weekend talking about how toilet paper around here goes MIA, and always at the worst possible times. Wait - did we just come up with a retreat idea?

Man of the West, all fun suggestions. You included some new ones for me - thanks for that.

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