Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tulsa Photos Galore

My Favorites

Once I finally figured out the social media platform to which photo geeks so lovingly refer as Flickr enough to be able to use it without causing anyone any life-threatening injuries, I thought it'd be cool to make a Tasha Does Tulsa Flickr group, a place for T-Towners to pile photos they shot while shuffling around town.

I went about it all nonchalantly, thinking a user or two would join the group and add their takes on the quintessential Tulsa photo, the skyline shot.

We do have a pretty nice skyline, it's true. But much more became of this Flickr group than the old hat. That it has more than five dozen members, plenty of whom are professional photographers, and 600 photos helps to diversify things a little.

Besides sticking the group button in the sidebar here at, I've been enjoying the photos added to this group from behind closed doors, more or less. It's not that I'm selfish or that I didn't learn to share in kindergarten (really, I didn't - I had to learn that life lesson later, much later). What matters is that now, folks, I'm sharing.

Feast thine eyes:


By Wade from Oklahoma. The color - oh, the color.

University of Tulsa Homecoming bonfire 2009

By robertdx. Now you know what you've been missing when you decide to stay home from the homecoming festivities at the University of Tulsa.

If you can tell where this next photo was taken, odds are you are a born-and-raised Tulsan.


By okbeatnik, who is also doing a great job tackling the photo project, 77 Counties.

If you guessed that this is the neon sign at the Mayo Garage downtown, just a skip and a jump from the newly renovated Mayo Hotel, then you guessed right. Now, go have yourself a cookie.

Anyone seen the Mayo Hotel sign ablaze in the night sky? My friends who live downtown (of whom I am intensely jealous) say it can be seen for miles around.

Random 147

By art house film. I used to walk down this street every week day. Photos like these make me want to rent an office downtown. Or, at least, eat lunch there everyday.

Working downtown is the best.

Motel on 11th in Tulsa on Route 66

By leftturn99.

By ~munson~, an IRL friend who has the prettiest hair I've ever seen, IRL and otherwise. Think Minnie Driver, but curlier and shinier and bouncier. You'll have to ask her directly for a chance to see it.

By bouldinshots.

Guess where this shot was snapped:

The Dugout

By Shannon Hall. No, really, guess. I want to see if you can figure it out.

The Badwich from Elmer's BBQ

By cooknken.

What? Did you really think I could make it through a Tulsa photos post without including a shot of a gloriously sloppy sandwich from a legendary local BBQ joint? Surely you didn't think that. You're rational humans.

Anyone in the mood to go to the drive-in?

Back Fence

By Wade from Oklahoma.

Look! It's the gardens at Philbrook - in miniature.

Philbrook Gardens Tiltshift

By BrettMorrison. Last night I innocently showed this photo to my husband, an underground Minolta patriot, which earned me a fifteen minute "discussion" on tiltshift photography.

An interesting person, my husband. I learn the most unexpected things from him in the most unexpected ways.

Thank you to everyone who continues to add photos to the TDT group on Flickr. Thanks to you, I didn't get any laundry done last night, and the dishes from dinner are still in the sink, but my mind is now a more colorful place. My personal concept of how Tulsa looks has been altered.

See the rest of my picks of the crop, and feel free to add a few of your own photos. Because if you don't, I might just have to leave the couch. No one wants that. That is, if no one is me.


silver star said...

The pic you wanted us to guess on, is it one of the dugouts at Driller's Stadium?

Territory Mom said...

These are so beautiful. I love them all. thanks for sharing.

Tasha said...

Right you are, silver star! Heh. That rhymed.

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