Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tasha Does Tulsa, Valentine's Day Style

I'm sitting here with a glass of sweet wine, uploading my photos from the evening of my fifth Valentine's Day as a married chick and my first as a mom.

It was a great time. I roamed T-Town not just glad to get out among the living, but also proud to know I had a diaper in the secret compartment of my purse, along with a toy starfish and a binkie. Just in case.

Romantic, eh?

Our first stop of the evening was the cozy little dining room at Biga, a restaurant at 4329 S. Peoria by one of the best chefs in town. We had lobster ravioli and these amazing, perfectly cooked scallops; then, some cannolis. After, a short nap, because that's the only way to recover from a dinner so ever-loving GOOD.

"Hey, honey, wave to the Tasha Does Tulsa readers!" Heh.

So, Skate Date. I was really looking forward to busting it on the ice, but alas:

Ack! The chaos! My agoraphobia! The port I had with those cannolis! It was pure craziness, I tell you.

Oh! Horses. A carriage. No restaurants or clubs within view of the main entrance of the BOK Center. Idyllic!

But what a main entrance it is. Wow.

There's nothing like good coffee to assuage one's sadness at not having the opportunity to embarass oneself by wiping out in front of hundreds of strangers.

Oh, cute little coffeehouse Valentine's cookies, how I loved you. Blue ones, too, even though I didn't quite get the color choice. And that's okay.

I love The Coffee House on Cherry Street.

Apparently, so does everyone else in town. That place was packed tonight.

We ended the evening with our standard rummage through the bargain bins at Borders before heading home for one last game of "chase" with our little man.

I love how that game always ends in the same way.

Valentine's Day 2009: Success! Even if we didn't stay out all night or bring the house down or whatever it is the kids are saying these days.

Have a good rest of the weekend, everyone!


Maria said...

That's a great way to end a game of chase! :)

hwall said...

That sounds like a great Valentine's Day! John and I attempted the Skate Date, too, but ran into the same problem you did. Instead, we went home with Burn After Reading and a bag full of candy and ice cream from QT. Sometimes the quietest evenings are the bestest.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Looks like a great time was had by all. It looks like a lot of pent up demand for skating in Tulsa. Maybe BOK will have some more skate date nights.

Amanda said...

Whoah, those lines look horrific. Looks like you had a good night, though. Love the pic of the boys.

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