Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Genre Dance Oklahoma (Plus, a Giveaway. Yes, another!)

Remember when, in yesterday's post on what's going on in the Tulsa art scene this weekend, Holly Wall wrote about New Genre XVI and how totally awesome, amazing and vital to your existence it is?

There are more than 100 reasons why. From her article on New Genre 2009 in Urban Tulsa Weekly:
Now in its 16th year, the festival, hosted by Living ArtSpace, seeks to explore new and cutting edge contemporary media and artists. In a matter of days, New Genre will present 110 local, regional and national artists -- all of them doing something very, very different -- to Tulsa audiences.
While many of the events are free, some come with an admission fee. New Genre Dance Oklahoma, which begins tomorrow night at 8 p.m. in Williams Theatre at Tulsa Performing Arts Center and shows a second time Saturday night, is one of those events.

New Genre Dance Oklahoma will be a modern dance and performing arts blowout. Several dance companies are involved. Perpetual Motion/Modern Dance Oklahoma, The Bell House and Hartel Dance Group promise to change the way we think about dance and the boundaries of the human body.

You could be there to watch it all go down. For free.

Steve Liggett, artistic director of Living Arts of Tulsa, has given one lucky TDT reader two tickets to the Friday night (Feb. 27) performance of New Genre Dance Oklahoma.

To enter, head to the comments and describe your signature dance move.

With or without your particular brand of dance floor throw down, New Genre Dance Oklahoma promises to be a great show; after all, they don't charge $40 for a couple of tickets for nothing.

I'll randomly pick and post the new owner of those two tickets at 3 p.m. tomorrow (Feb. 27). Good luck!


Brigid said...

I would love the tickets, but I can't attend because, ironically, the boyfriend and I are taking ballroom dance lessons. It sounds like such a great show, though.

D-bug said...

The white man's overbite.

Sherri Torrez said...

Actually, my signature dance move is no move at all! My husband likes to tease me because sometimes when he decides to go for an impromptu slow dance, I feel awkward and don't move my feet at all. He is left swaying my upper body around like a toy firmly planted to the floor. He thinks that pretty funny :-D Maybe, watching the performance tonight I could learn to loosen up a bit! *hinthint*

Grant said...

While I would like to say my signature dance move could be likened to say, a Mikhail Baryshnikov grand jet'e, or perhaps a beautiful Maria Tallchif-esque en pointe triple pieroette followed by a fully extended saute' arabesque leap, I fear my signature move is closer to a very sloppy version of Michael Jackson's Thriller...

Chris Martin, CRS said...

The "Oscillating Sprinkler" is my most famous move.

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