Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tasha Does Kansas City, Baby Barf Edition

Weekend before last, I loaded up my little family, drove to our best friends', and made them drive us to Kansas City, MO, for the weekend.

After settling in at the hotel in the bustling little community of Westport Saturday morning, we walked (walked!!!) to here for lunch:

Look! A brew pub! They exist!

Sorry. Not getting out of Oklahoma and away from its crazy beer and liquor laws much, I sometimes forget there are brew pubs out there in the badlands.

While you wait for your food at McCoys - which I thought was very good, by the way - you can elbow other diners in the backs of their heads as you gawk at this:

The guts of a microbrewery! Well, part of them.

Speaking of guts:
My little one's ended up all over the floor, thanks to some fancy-tasting cheese in his mac.

Note to self: In the event you affect yourself and those around you by giving another child its birth, do not travel with it and expect to have time to "relax."

Schooled by motherhood once again.

The rest of us managed to keep our lunches down, thank you very much.

That's Aubrey, Amanda's husband. He likes fish and chips. Apparently.

And who wouldn't?

Even if the fish and chips at McNellie's in downtown Tulsa is better.

I'm pretty sure my little one would agree.

That's him after a few sweet potato fries at McNellie's the Friday afternoon before we skipped town.

Compared to his state of being Saturday afternoon after a bit of the fare at an out-of-town pub:

Homesickness: He's doing it right.


hwall said...

This post made me laugh so hard that everyone else in the office wonders what the hell I'm doing (not working, obviously). I am sorry, though, to outright laugh at your poor baby's rejection of his dinner.

There is a great microbrewery and pub in Columbia, Mo., where I went to school. That place was definitely one of my top ten favorite things about college.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Geez, you had to remind me that we don't have a brewpub in Tulsa any more. I'm depressed now. Thanks a lot.

Amanda said...

My favorite part was when the waitress picked up all our napkins with the barf and said, "Oh, did these get a little cheesy?" as she rubbed them all over herself.

Natasha said...

I KNOW! She probably wondered where that puke smell was coming from for the rest of the day.

Natasha said...
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