Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Power Lunch: Lola's at the Bowery

Grilled Cheese: Lola's at the Bowery

A mere three miles and change from the construction site that has all of downtown atwitter, Lola’s at the Bowery is sitting pretty for when the crowds of hungry baseball lovers come toward the big lights.

After an 18-month hiatus from what was, during the 2007-2008 months of downtown road improvements and an in-progress BOK Center, a spotty lunchtime crowd, Lola’s is back. With the new Drillers Stadium coming down the pike for early next year, Lola’s owner Susie Palazzo is raring to catch as much business as she can shimmy west down Brady.

“People kept calling us, asking if we’d open back up for lunch,” Palazzo said. “We felt that with the Drillers coming, we want to be open for business for that.

“Everyone missed our little cafe, that little room. It’s charming. It’s a whole different feel than our main dining room.”

Read the rest of this story in this week's edition of Food Page in Tulsa Business Journal.

For more Lola's photos, check out Tasha Does Tulsa on Flickr.


Ed said...

Three miles or three blocks?

Holly Wall said...

Whoopsies. Whoever edits those Tulsa Business Journal stories sure does suck.

Tasha said...

My fault. Chalk it up to the influence of south Tulsa and its encroachment upon my life force.

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