Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blogger Hunting

Happy Sunday, Tulsa. It's absolutely freaking gorgeous outside, and yet you find yourself in front of a computer screen.

I know. I'm in the same boat. Since I'm working on something really cool, though, you might as well be, too.

If you're a blogger (if you're not, then you should be) pecking away at a keyboard located within in the Tulsa area, take a minute to use the form below to tell me about yourself.

I promise not to sell your information to the evil androids at some huge advertising firm, not even for a million dollars. I also promise not to send you asinine forwarded e-mails about puppies or the newest way criminals have come up with to steal you from a Wal-Mart parking lot. Your information will be used for strictly and totally awesome purposes only.

There. Easy, huh? Just like Sunday morning.

Now, for the love of Pete, shut off this crazy computer and go play outside. It's just lovely.


Dave said...

I blog on Facebook, is that lame?

Amanda Baur said...

Tasha, This is a great idea! I have just recently started my blog and it would be nice to be part of a local network. (Love you blog by the way!)

Janet said...

I have been following your blog on Tulsa for a while and enjoy learning more about whats happening in Tulsa. has just opened up a Tulsa community and looking for writers to write about areas of their expertise. To apply go to Tell them I referred you.
Janet Raines - 3814-Oklahoma-City-Day-Trips-Examiner

Tammie Dooley said...

I just found you, thanks to my Mom! What a wonderful discovery. You've been in my backyard all this time. That's what the internet does - it brings people together from different continents while simultaneously removing us from our neighbors! LOVE, love, love your blog!

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