Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is It Breakfast Time Yet?

Ever hear of that little diner in downtown Tulsa - you know, the one at Second and Elgin?

Second and Elgin, Downtown Tulsa

No, no. Look the other way.

Blue Dome Diner

Ah. That's better: The Blue Dome Diner, famous for a breakfast and lunch service for suits and the blue collar crowd alike.

Blue Dome Diner

It's as blue and classically Tulsa on the inside as the landmark dome across the street. And, good news: Blue Dome Diner is now open for supper, starting at 5pm Thursday through Saturday.

This place is famous for its chicken fried steak, but I also like the breakfast sandwich with the works, with homefries on the side.

Blue Dome Diner

Homefries. Of course.

Speaking of homefries:

Blue Dome Diner

This little homefry doesn't fall far from the potato. He digs the Blue Dome Diner as much as I do.

Blue Dome Diner

He likes it so much, in fact, that he needs three (3) pacifiers to subdue his excitement to a level that is socially acceptable.

Blue Dome Diner

Yeah, little buddy. I'm talking about you.

The Blue Dome Diner is great for folks with kids. Even though it tends to be packed out, there's still plenty of room in the hundreds of square feet-worth of event space to the north of the dining room for kiddos to work off a case of the wiggles.

Blue Dome Diner

Plus, there's a stage. My kid loves a good stage.

I'm just saying, in case you forgot.

Blue Dome Diner

This kid had better get used to eating breakfast with his good ol' Mom. If I keep up this kind of fun-poking on the Interwebs for too much longer, I'll be the only woman he'll share his breakfast with for a very long time.

At least, with me, he can be confident he's eating the best breakfast in town.

Blue Dome Diner is open for breakfast and lunch 7am-2pm Tuesday-Friday, 8am-1:30pm Saturday and Sunday.

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