Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Supplying the Demand

Shopping for school supplies these days can be as tough as the mystery meat in the cafeteria.

Not only are parents forced into the mosh pit that is the school supply isle at the local big-box store in August, but they are forced to do so while squinting at a crappy photocopy of a school supplies list while also suffering a jealousy attack over the goodies available to kids today that they could have only fantasized about sporting on their first days of school.


Holly Wall said...

Someone should mention that places like Office Depot, Walgreen's and May's Drug have such great back-to-school sales that you can get things like folders, paper, glue sticks and more for pennies. So it makes it really easy and affordable to buy a few extra and donate them. And recently Coupon Queen has been posting all of the stores' back-to-school sales:

OK, so I guess I'll mention it.

Paul said...

We cop out on the sales and just buy the school supplies bundle from the PTA at Kacie's school. Costs more, probably, but it's done.

NatBean said...

There is an entire island of school supplies?! or, (warning: smart alec comment ahead) did you mean there is an aisle for school supplies? ; ) Sorry, I couldn't resist....LOVE YOU!

Tasha said...

I shall call this comment, "The One In Which Natasha Blames the UTW Editors for the Typo Cut and Pasted from the Printed Column that Now Glares Out from Her Blog."

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