Monday, August 4, 2008

Tulsa Needs This

I know we've got something like a discount pass to the city in the form of the Entertainment Book, but this marketing is much better and more convincing:

For $50, you get the card that's worth hundreds in discounts at OKC restaurants, galleries, attractions, events and more while supporting the Allied Arts of Oklahoma City.

When I originally read about this concept in either Family Circle or Woman's Day (so I am subjected to a wide variety of media - sue me), I asked around to see if anything like this was being put together for Tulsa. As of right now, it's not.

That's a shame, because I'm sure a Tulsa non-profit could raise money until the cows come home with this deal, and the Convention & Visitors Bureau would have one more tool in its arsenal to bring visitors - and their money - to Tulsa.

Hey, it's better than coupons (even if they are really, really pretty). I guess I would rather fork over something that looks like a debit or credit card than a carnival ride pass that says FREE APPETIZER on it. Especially if I'm from out of town, on a date or...actually, that preference would go for pretty much any time, any place.

If a Tulsa card was available, I know I'd buy one every year. Am I a pushover, or would you buy one, too?

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