Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fans, Y'All

After several days of three-digit temperatures in Tulsa, and after being told by our AC guy that our air conditioner is doing what it can to cool our home to 80 degrees, we bought these:
We installed the first one in the baby's room last night. I must admit, I wasn't a believer in ceiling fans. I had one in my room growing up, but I turned it on for the white noise at bed time; I never noticed a difference in the temperature when it was on. But this new fan we installed - whew, doggy. It's likely to ice over in the nursery.

We'll probably not have to run the air conditioner nearly 24/7 now that we'll have three new ceiling fans in the house. That'll be nice for the pocket book, given the way the price of electricity (oh, and everything else) is headed nowadays.

Another break will come in the form of a cool front that just moved in, which will put daily high temperatures in the mid- to low-90's for the next several days.

It's funny that I just described temperatures in the mid- to low-90s as a break. What can I say, except, "Welcome to August in Tulsa!"


Justin said...

Just a side note, if you run the ceiling fan (24x7) it'll cost you about $7.00USD - $11.00USD per month.

Give or take a dollar in that, not sure why I know that -- I tested it last summer; energy is up a bit but it should be about the same. Congrats on the fans.. lovely air movement... ahh doesn't it feel nice?

hwall said...

I love having a boy! I always said I wnated a girl, but boys are pretty great. Do you have other children?

Amanda said...

Thanks for getting these. My butt crack will thank you for the lack of sweat it will receive this weekend. You're awesome.

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