Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kolam, Where Have You Been All My Life?

Hi. I'm Natasha, and I'm a food-aholic.

So much so, when I get a hankerin' for pork shoulder roast tacos with cilantro cream sauce, I don't care one lick that my oven will be on for six or seven hours on a late-August day. I just kick it up to 300 and say, hey, anything for my temperamental taste buds.

On my more sane days, I like to go here:
I had the misfortune of just discovering Kolam at 4844 S. Memorial about a month or so ago, and I'm pretty sure I've been missing out on this place for at least a couple of years. A friend and I had been meaning to try it, but she up and moved to Texas, and, well, I don't really have any excuses.

Aaron suggested we order some take-out from there a night not so many moons ago. See, when Aaron was in Afghanistan and had the choice of the spaghetti-with-ketchup-like-sauce dish they served at the base or food from the street vendors, he invariably chose to dine out.

The man still won't eat spaghetti, much to my chagrin.

Apparently Afghan street vendors serve a lot of Indian-like food. Disclaimer: I am totally ignorant about Indian and southwest Asian food in general. All I know is that it's good, okay? Back to my story. Aaron ate every curry he could get his hands on, those immensely varied rice concoctions got him every time, and...naan. Between long, lonely hours in a guard tower and his deepening take-out budget (there were no sports cars, stereos or telescopes for sale at the PX), the man was afraid his brain would turn to perfectly moist, tandoor-oven-cooked naan at any moment.

He could probably say a lot more about Indian/Afghan food than I could. After all, he ate it for none months straight. He eagerly gives Kolam his seal of approval.

Here's chicken curry, this incredibly aromatic basmati rice and traditional naan from Kolam.

Please disregard the baby bottle apparatuses. My home is under attack.

I wish the plural of apparatus was apparati. I would love that more than the sun and the moon.

I love Tulsa, but this chicken curry tempts me to give it all up and move to Calcutta. And learn to sing like that lady in The Namesake. And buy lots and lots of saris - orange and pink ones.

Check out the entire menu here (besides Kolam's signature chicken curry, I also recommend the veggie samosas, Kolam's signature naan, and the chili chicken), and put your take-out orders in to (918) 270.1445. Kolam is open for dinner 5-10 p.m., and I hear there's a lunch buffet to take you away from your workday worries.

When you ditch these Oklahoma plains for India's urban vendor-lined streets, even if it's just for a food-cation, send me a postcard. I'll stain it with a tear of jealousy and hunger.


Emma said...

Thanks for the tip. I wondered how that place was. Our default Indian place is Desi Wok at 41st-ish and Yale, but I'm always up for trying something new!

Michael Bates said...

The correct Latin plural for apparatus is... apparatus. It's a 4th declension noun, and the u is short in the singular (pronounced like oo in book) and long in the plural (pronounced like oo in boom).

The first time I had Indian food was in Northern Ireland.

Michael Bates said...

Oh, here's an overview of the correct way of forming plurals for words ending in -us.

hwall said...

Oh, Michael.

Natasha said...

Hi, Michael! Uh, thanks? I guess that's what I get for not checking the AP Style book...

The truth is, I could talk about words and grammar all the live-long day. I'd be a lot more fun to converse with on that topic, though, if I knew as much about Latin as Michael does.

Maria said...

We ate at Kolam as one of our "Friday Dives" a while back, and I LOVED it. The buffet was great too.

Jeff Shaw said...

Kolam Rox!

Went there last night. We had Lamb Curry which was excellent and the Malai Kofta, excellent and HOT.

Wait staff a bit apprehensive. Thanks for the tip.

Dave Smith said...

Hi Tasha. I just ran across your site while looking for the opening hours of Kolam...I went yesterday and had the chicken vindaloo with vegetable samosas and kulfi. I have been to their lunchtime buffet before, if you haven't been yet, you really should try it, it is very very good!

Anonymous said...

Its a weird place, India Palace on Lewis Ave & Desi Wok at 41st is far better den dis one...

Archer said...

I had the pleasure of talking with Kolam's owner during my first visit. Although not in the biz currently, I've been a restaurant manager many years ago. Kolam's owner worked at Gopuram, which has been in operation for many years in OKC @ 23rd & Meridian. I think it's better than India Palace. Kolam lacks in atmosphere compared to Gopuram and India Palace, but the food is equally exceptional. I can highly recommend the Lamb Biryani. If you want to try an interesting beverage, get the Mango Lassi... especially good if you order something hot and spicy.

Rex Brown said...

Mmmmm... I love Kolam. Over the last couple of years I've found that I love Indian food in general!

Another great place is India Corner at 61st and Garnett. Great buffet but they also have a menu with "chaat" which are small dishes that are perfect for lunch.

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