Thursday, August 21, 2008

Devour Downtown

Devour Downtown, a DTU-sponsored event that spotlights downtown Tulsa eateries by featuring discounted lunch and dinner plates, is happening RIGHT NOW.

Oh, hi. You're still here. Thought you'd be downtown by now. Not really - you've got some time. The event ends Sunday.

Earlier this year during the inaugural Devour Downtown week, Aaron and I ate at Lola's at the Bowery (I don't see that they're participating in Devour Downtown this time, but who cares - eat there anyway, because it's fantabulous). We had:Bacon-wrapped chipotle grilled shrimp...

Margherita pizza...

A baby cake! Because I was pitifully pregnant at the time. Lola's a great gal, I tell ya. Anyway, we ended up spending about $35 for a very, very nice dinner downtown. That's pretty easy on the pocketbook, if you ask me.

Click here for a list of participating restaurants and specials, but put a drool cloth over your keyboard first.

Wait. You mean, I'm the only one who has three dozen of those?


Amanda said...

Sounds dumb.

simulatedme said...

Never once in my entire life, have I ever ever found anything bad wrapped in bacon. Better to be lucky than good.

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