Saturday, July 12, 2008

Random Google Searchings

Ever get on Google and do random searches? I don’t – no, never (especially not when I should be working or doing laundry or flossing my teeth) – but apparently, some people do.

According to my little stat counter, these are some Google and Yahoo! searches that have recently landed unsuspecting, unwitting souls at this blog:

  • Oklahoma trips on a tank full around Tulsa (love this idea – someone should write about it. Like me. Maybe I will – after I wash all 500 dirty burp rags that have taken over our house)
  • Chicago style pizza Tulsa (more than one search)
  • Fun stuff to do in Tulsa on a date (a little more on this here pretty soon)
  • Mcnellys bar Tulsa, OK (more than one search – and nearly every time McNellie’s shows up in a Google search that leads someone to my site, whoever is searching is a misspelling fiend of sadness and loathing)
  • Stuff to do in Tulsa
  • Fun things for kids to do in Tulsa OK
  • Everything today is ugly buildings (huh?)

And strangest of all: Does mac and cheese make you poop

Not that that’s my area of expertise, but…no. Quite the opposite, actually.

Here are some Tulsa spots for which folks have been searching specifically lately:

  • Cherry Street Coffee House (on this blog here.)
  • Umberto’s Pizza (“ “ here.)
  • Savastano’s (“ “ here.)
  • Creek Nation Casino
  • The Pie Hole

It’s fun to spy on people, isn’t it? That’s why I’m always throwing in words like “bomb” and “human shield” during phone calls – to give whoever is listening a little fun.

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Ed W said...

There's a lovely time waster called Stumble Upon that puts a pseudo-random search function on your toolbar. It will perform random searches within your specified parameters. So you can use it to search for photos, comics, drawings, sports, etc. I've found some great images, panoramics, high definition shots, and others.

...and no, I didn't find your blog that way! I subscribed to it via Bloglines.

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