Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fresh Tuesday

Aaron suggested that I make my homemade margherita pizza for dinner tonight.That's not it. That's my chicken bacon ranch pizza. I'm just trying to prove that I do in fact make pizza entirely from scratch. How a photo will help you realize this, I don't know.

Anyhow. I decided some super-fresh tomatoes were key to the success of my pizza margherita. Rather than head to the grocery store, I stopped here:
That's the downtown farmers market. Not only did they have tomatoes for $2/pound (they're about 20 percent more than that at your local grocery right now), but they also had these:
Those are the prettiest peaches I've ever seen, I'm pretty sure. I'm going to have to fan myself.

This is the downtown farmers market's second year, and from what I can tell, business is good. I counted seven booths and vendors offering everything from potted herbs to vegetables to fresh, local meat to handcrafted goods, and one or two vendors offered lunch. After I'd purchased my tomatoes and chatted up the farmers (these farmers/vendors were wonderfully sweet and frank - I like that), I stood around and enjoyed the weather for about five minutes. During that time, which was at noon or so, I noticed that about 30 individuals wandered through the row of tents on Williams Green. That's a pretty darn good audience for a small farmers market:
See those little tents? That's it - that's the downtown farmers market.

It's open until October every Tuesday 10:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Don't forget about the other farmers markets in the Tulsa area - we've got 'em four days out of the week all over town.

Mmm mmm mmm - you just haven't lived until you'd had a garden-fresh, Oklahoma tomato. Especially on my homemade pizza.


Mos Jef said...

I have a summer job to support my teaching habit. I'm working at a farmer's market in Sand Springs. Our tomatoes are only 1.89/lbs. We sell any peaches I can't eat while at work.

jus10 said...

Um is that shot from the KC Auto Hotel :)

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