Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hola, Eloté

I had the most delicious beef nachos today for lunch, and guess what - I don't feel one little bit guilty about it.

At about noon today, a few co-workers and I mosied down to Eloté Café and Catering, in the space that once housed Nelson's Buffeteria at 514 S. Boston Ave., where the menu is centered on owner and chef Libby Auld's spin on Mexican cuisine that she coined "Fresh-Mex." I had my choice of familiar, south-of-the-border dishes from tacos to quesadillas to puffy tacos, all made with fresh ingredients.

The menu at Eloté is big on healthful food, which brings me back to my nachos: they were flavorful, light and not overly filling, a far cry from the greasy, heavy nachos I order at basketball games and Taco Bueno. Not that there isn't a time and a place for everything, including greasy, heavy nachos, but I'm trying to rid this world of some of my presence right now. Eloté can be good for those of us staring longingly at those skinny jeans.

One of my co-workers had the puffy tacos, one beef and one chicken, with eloté (roasted corn-on-the-cob served with a spicy, citrus aioli) and black beans. Puffy tacos - or "pouffy tacos," as another customer mistakenly and hilariously called them - could be closely compared to those Indian taco things available at the fair and Mayfest, only they're usually much smaller, and the range of ingredients varies much more widely. I've had the puffy tacos from Eloté once before, so it was fun watching someone else experience their fresh, pico-topped fabulousness.

It's hard to get rid of a $10 bill at this place. My co-workers and I each ate for $6-$7, including a drink. Considering that several entrees feature two sides, and since my plate of nachos was more than enough for two to share, any price less than $10 would be a great value.

Yet another reason to brag on Eloté: it's just a hop, skip or a jump from the offices of most folks who earn a living downtown. No gas money required.

Libby, the owner and chef, seems to be suited for the business. Both times I've been to Eloté, she has flitted between the kitchen, the dining room and the hostess stand, saying hello and checking in on everyone in between. Best of all, she can cook. I like that in a restaurant owner.

Eloté Cafe and Catering has the official Tasha Does Tulsa seal of approval, which means that if you mention this blog when ordering, you'll receive a fabulous prize. Not really. Unless you actually do.

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Natalie said...

I ate here recently and had the quesadilla with avocado and chicken. It was awesome. And the guacamole isn't bad either...

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