Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Primary Election Today

Today is a voting day! Voting is fun - you get to hide in a booth as you make your choices, you get to feed the counting machine and you get a sticker afterward. You also get time off from work to vote. It's also the greatest responsibility of the citizen of the United States of America. In sum, it's the best way to spend a few minutes of your time today.

Here is some great education on the candidates running in today's election. If ever you need to know more about any candidate in an election in Tulsa, visit the League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Tulsa Web site. They work hard to make those voter guides available free to the public, and the guides are always thorough and organized.

Read up, and we'll see you at the polls!

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Pamela said...

Love the picture. However it does not seem like too many people are voting today. I voted about five after seven this morning. Oh well. I guess my vote will really mean something.

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