Friday, May 4, 2007

Word on the Street, Vol. 1

Blogger: Party Brenda
(Photo credit: still Chris Bouldin)

Ugh. Party Brenda is not very good at partying in the mornings – especially after a night at McNellie’s.

That’s okay – I’m awake now, and there is nothing I can do about it. If the rain hasn’t washed away the Word on the Street, here are the clues to where it’s at:

First clue: I am near the point of much controversy, disappointment, wait-and-see and especially media coverage during the past year.

Second clue: I’m in midtown Tulsa, and local residents used to complain about how much noise I made after sundown because some people were trying to sleep (see the first post of Tasha Does Tulsa if you wanna know how I feel about that).

Third clue: If you’re a native Tulsan in your twenties or early thirties, you probably have many childhood memories here. I know I do.

Fourth and final clue: The word on the street is at 36 degrees 8 minutes 6 seconds North, and 95 degrees 56 minutes and 5 seconds West, according to Google Earth. Natasha’s husband said you can Google this set of coordinates and find the exact location of the Word on the Street.

So, that’s how Word on the Street is going to work. Whoever finds the Word on the Street and posts it to this blog first gets a $20 gift certificate to the Tulsa-based restaurant or coffee house of his/her choice.

Chester's word of the day
: Go!


Natalie said...

Bell's Amusement Park, of course.

Natasha said...

No, no. Try again.

There is literally a word chalked onto the street over at Bell's. The clues were obvious so you could hurry over to Bell's, find the word we chalked onto the street, rush back to your computer, and comment the word you saw to this post.

Make more sense?

Steven H. Roemerman Sr said...


Natasha said...

Bingo. =)

Steven Roemerman, a Tulsa blogger, wins Word on the Street, Vol. 1! Congrats, Steven.

Mos Jef said...

ah damn it, i was too slow

Red Fork Hippie Chick said...

Speaking of Zingo, does anybody else think it would be the height of coolness if somebody bought the Zingo and installed it in the parking lot at Crystal City, where the original Zingo once stood? If there were ever a great way to kick off the efforts to revitalize Crystal City, that would be it. (Granted, a grocery store would probably be more lucrative -- the west side desperately needs a decent supermarket with a good produce department -- but a roller coaster is flashier and more fun.)

Natasha said...

I definitely think it'd be cool, but I'm not sure what the majority of west side residents would think of it. And, wow, I didn't know that's where the Zingo came from. Interesting.
City Councilor Westcott is a big proponent of the establishment of a light rail line between Broken Arrow and downtown Tulsa. I've also heard him say he would like the terminus of that line to be in Crystal City, which he said would jump-start and/or compliment the Main Street Program in Red Fork. I don't know what the plans for Crystal City are exactly, but without some serious re-development going on there, I'm sure a light rail line terminus won't be feasible - but, it's a lot of fun to dream about getting off a train and spending some time on a roller coaster before heading home for the evening.

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