Monday, May 28, 2007

Maple Ridge Memorial Day Run

Blogger: Mos Jef

So I was coaxed into running a 5k race this morning. One of my students from last year kept nagging about running with her in a race. I finally gave in today and participated in the Maple Ridge Memorial Day Run:

I think everybody should enter in one of these every once in a while. Even if you don't plan on running the entire race, you'll be in good company. Plenty of people stop to walk. It was like a Tulsa social event. Hundreds of people were there and it was fun. Everyone was so friendly and encouraging. Maple Ridge neighbors set up tables to hand out water along the way. They clapped and cheered all the runners. I feel really good post-race. I may visit Oklahoma Runner occasionally and keep up with the Tulsa running scene.

I also recommend you go with two 14 year-old girls that call you an "old man" before the race to ensure you push yourself to the limit. I came in at 22:45 compared to their 25 minutes. Boo-yah! The only difference is they will be bouncing around, fully recovered in a few hours. Me? -- it will take 5 minutes to get out of bed tomorrow. I can't let this show at school tomorrow, though. I have to do an irritating victory dance in front of all their friends and pretend my legs aren't throbbing.

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