Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just A Little Dreaming

Blogger: Natasha

Here's a photo of the intersection at Main St.
and Fifth at around 11:45 this morning:

I know what you're thinking: Where IS everybody?! Shouldn't Main be bustling with hungry people at 11:45 a.m.? I thought so, too.

Chances of rain today may have caused downtown Tulsans to work through lunch, or to go downstairs or someplace to the in-house cafeteria. Even so, I count only seven people in the foreground of this photo (I didn't count the people in the background because I don't have super-sonic vision, but I bet there are 12-15).

Folks, I have a dream:

Ah, yes. A downtown densely populated where a diverse workforce gets out-and-about for a bite to eat at lunchtime. Yeah, people are driving, but they're probably just going to go pick someone up to take them to Caz's or McNellie's.

See that little green person back there by the tree? That could be you.

Mayfest starts Thursday and runs through Sunday. Yay! Mayfest is my favorite Tulsa festival. I love that all the weirdos, pretty people, kids and leisure-starved folks get to come hang out in the same place and cause a little ruckus together. And, simply being around each other is good for us all.

Perhaps Tulsan/Tulsa enthusiast Mos Jef said it best:
Come out and enjoy Mayfest. Tulsa's events will only get better if you support them as they already exist.


Party Brenda said...

This is Flippin awesome! I wanna be a blue person! And I wanna drive one of those really neat hand drawn cars. I bet they get excellent gas mileage. Yay Mayfest!
-Love the blue stick person
aka Party Brenda

chris bouldin said...

your mom is a stick person.

Anonymous said...

Drop by 3rd and Boston, oklatravelnet.com is broadcasting live from Noon - 1:30 from mayfest.

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