Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Running Rules.

Guess what I've been doing for the past six months.

That's right. Running my hiney off.

Literally! Since I started (re)training after my my baby's six-week birthday, I've lost nearly 25 pounds. I'm back into the jeans I wore last spring, and my calves are lookin' amazing, y'all. Almost as good as they did back when I was in marching band.

Don't ask.

I knew since I missed the race last year that I definitely wanted to make this year's Tulsa Run. I wasn't sure if I could train up quickly enough to run the 15K - in the end, that was too much to ask of my body, which has been through oh-so-much during the past year - but I have been able to get ready for the 5K.

Plus, I hit a milestone yesterday: I ran for 33 straight minutes. Though I've been an on again, off again runner for the past four years, I don't think I've ever run more than 20-25 consecutive minutes (because - and I'll admit it - I am a wimp. W-i-m-p.). They may not be the fastest minutes a girl has ever run, but kids, I'm gonna give myself serious credit for that little accomplishment. It may be in the form of Kupcakz, but I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow.

The clock on the TR site says there are 17 days, 13 hours, 17 minutes and counting until race time. You have until the 21st to register without paying the late fee. If you're ready to commit, go to the TR registration site now.

Go on. Make your mother proud. Or, at least, this mother. Because I look extra runner-esque when I'm proud of you.


hwall said...

Hey, you totally did this without me! I want to lose 25 lbs! And, oh yeah, be proud of myself. :)

Think I can still borrow your extra jogging stroller? Since I've just moved into prime running real estate, I will totally jog my post-pregnancy booty off.

Totally. (Apparently, that's the cool new slang all the kids are using these days.)

hwall said...

Hmmm... Maybe 17 days isn't long enough to train. Wonder if I could muster up the energy for the Fun Run?

simulatedme said...

Good for you! Congradulations on the 25 and remembering to sign up before the late fee. I didn't

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