Tuesday, October 14, 2008

7 Ways to NOT Find a Real Pumpkin Patch

1. Feel an intense urge to find a "real" pumpkin patch at 5:00 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon.

2. Don't use the Internet or other resource to look up stories on or directories of pumpkin patches or farms in the Tulsa area.

3. Drive "strategically" through the rural areas of the metro, flipping a coin to decide whether to turn right or left at intersections.

4. After one hour of hunting, interrupt friends' and family's evening plans with phone inquiries as to the location of their "favorite pumpkin patch - you know, the kind where you can pick your own?"

5. Stumble upon a real pumpkin patch! Discover the operation closed 15 minutes before your arrival. Peer through the windows of the retail area, looking in vain for straggling staff people, chiming, "We've got a baby out here lookin' to pick his first pumpkin!," hoping to guilt someone into opening up.

6. Take photos of off-limits pumpkin patch. Consider making off with one measly little pumpkin. Remember rural area+stealing=shot gun.

Take more photos instead.

Just in case you needed help spottin' the suckers.

7. After two hours and no freshly harvested pumpkin, drive home listening to the musical stylings of the famished infant in the back seat.

Assuage bad-mommy guilt by making three batches of chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, made from scratch using pumpkins purchased from good ol' Reasor's.

Mmm. Boy, do I feel better now.

Photos taken at Sanders Nursery & Distribution Center Inc., in Broken Arrow at 20705 E. 161st St.


Anonymous said...

Well lookie here.......Trying to find a pumpkin patch, and this was the first thing I found!! Tasha Does Tulsa....I Love it! You have a great blog!! Oh, and tell "Party Brenda" I said HI!!

~Casey V.

Anonymous said...

How about the muffin recipe?

georgie said...

I found your blog in the Urban tulsa-how cool is that! I LOVED your ways to NOT find a real pumpkin patch!
I am going to explore some more

Brian McCullough said...

That looks sooo good! :-p

Colleen said...

My name is Colleen, and I just opened a cafe, coffeehouse and bar across the street from TU. Its called the Collective. I was wondering how to get on your list of "Things to do"

I would love to talk with you, you can email me at thecollectivetulsa@gmail.com.

Love your blog!

Bootstrap Farmers said...

Hey if you're still looking for pumpkins you might check out Carmichaels Pumpkin Patch. Its kind of kitsch, but he's a great guy and a committed farmer.

My wife and I just started a farm not far from there, and while we don't have any pumpkins, we do have Spinach and Mustard and some other crops. If you want to go for another drive in the country you should come visit our farm and go for a walk.

There are pictures at http://bootstrapfarm.blogspot.com

Happy Hunting

smörgåsbroad said...

Oh boy. You poor thing.

Love the blog. I'm in Norway hopelessly homesick for Tulsa. Can't wait to get back and start posting about OK home life. Will definitely add this to my reading list.


Anonymous said...

Very funny, I love it!! I would take made from scratch sweets over pumpkin picking any day!!

spr said...

Went with a bunch of friends and their kids to Livesay Orchards in Porter over fall break. They are best known for their peaches, but they have a hayride to the pumpkin patch and you can pick apples for $.70 a pound. Accross the street they have a hay maze and some other activities for the kids. My 20 month old was drug kicking and screaming from the kiddie pool filled with dried corn kernels ala sandbox. We brought a picnic lunch and had fun, fun, fun.

Spencer said...

This was very funny. Thanks for writing. Im having the same 5 oclock friday urge to find a pumpkin patch for my wife and I.

Anonymous said...

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