Monday, July 2, 2007

Ray Does Jenks

Blogger: Ray Tuttle, Tulsa's Small Business Journalist of the Year (pictured with his son Bryson)
(Photo credit: one of Ray's other kids)

Yet another example of why rain ain't so bad:
Taken from Jenks (Ray said to type "Jenks proper" in here somewhere) looking east. Credit: Ray Tuttle.

Ray took this picture during a break from cleaning up the branches in his yard fallen after the storms this week, sweating profusely and screaming at his kids to get busy and help. He knocked on the door of the 80-year-old couple that lives across the street to come look at this rainbow. Actually, he ended up causing an impomptu neighborhood gathering.

"There were some other neighbors working in their yards, and we all stopped and chatted," he said.

Way to bring your neighborhood together for shared rainbow enjoyment, Ray!

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