Friday, July 20, 2007

Party Brenda Loves Reggae Fest

Blogger: Party Brenda


And YAY Tulsa for showing up to the Riverwalk to support it.

I got to the amphitheater right at the start, 4 o’clock.
The Riverwalk was got busier and busier as the day went on.

The Riverwalk was a great place to have reggae fest this year, by the way. I am a loyal fan to the festival and go pretty much every year. There wasn’t as much stuff going on as I had seen in years past, but I’m pretty sure the atmosphere made up for it.

During the down time there was a nice variety of reggae music coming through the loud speakers. The music was outstanding! The first guy up at 4 played the drums. He’d made his drum set completely out of recycled goods.

Recycling was a big theme at the fest this year, actually. There was an overwhelming number of recycling bins laid out. Many were labeled plastic bottles only and cans only. I struggled with what to do with my plastic cup that had the few melted drops of what remained of my cheesecake ice cream with cherries mixed in (got it at The Marble Slab, YUM). The cup was plastic, but not a bottle, but I decided to put it in the plastic bottle bin anyway. I hope I didn’t piss the recycling workers off. I didn’t want to just throw it in the trash.

Ah well.

My fellow co-worker Molly and I met up and while I ate my ice cream and she sipped her beer, we floated from vendor to vendor. My favorite items were all the wonderful tributes to Mr. Bob Marley. You would think the man was Jesus from how he was revered at this place.

Molly’s favorite stuff was the many selections of jewelry there. She purchased two necklaces and two pairs of earrings. The pieces were promised to be original and one of a kind, just like my friend Molly. *smiley*

There was all sorts of all natural products there, including breads and bath stuff. You could even get a henna tattoo! But, my Mayfest experience with the henna kinda got me in trouble, so I opted out. Other than that, there were painters and musicians and plenty of hippies at the festival this year. People from all walks of life were really enjoying themselves.

It was SO HOT though. What’s with summer happening all of a sudden? Geez. I’m glad I had chosen my favorite hippie girl dress – the one that’s really airy and the closest piece of clothing I have to being naked.

And yay for all the local musicians that came out to chill and help others to chill.

In summary, I think Reggae Fest was great. There weren’t any bongs for sell this year though. Sad.

But really, anytime you have a lot of beer + food + outside + Awesome Music+ illegal smoke = GOOD TIMES!


Editor's Note: Brenda sent this to me Monday morning for posting. Due to work hassles and all the stuff that's gotta be done when you get a certain type of exciting news (found out Sideshow Husband and I are going to have a baby!), I haven't been able to post it until today. My bad. But, as Party Brenda would say, party on!

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