Monday, March 16, 2009

What to Do With This Good Weather

As I write this, the temperature outside is 73, and a gentle breeze is blowing away the last of winter's brown leaves.

For the next few days, Tulsa is forecasted to have beautiful, gorgeous, delicious weather. Spring may not officially begin until Friday, but if the temperatures and sunny skies over the next few days have anything to say about it, spring has already sprung.

There is no end to the list of exciting things to do in pleasant weather in this city. Tulsa boasts 50 miles of bike trails to explore; a huge offering of public parks; restaurant patios galore; and on and on.

For those of us who have lived here our entire lives, while the activities I just listed are a great way to ring in the season, we've also been there and done that about 237 times. A scavenger hunt is an easy way to get out and enjoy the weather, and it's somewhat off the beaten path - and that's good for us lifers as well as adopted Tulsans and anyone within a day's drive looking to get out and do something fun during Spring Break.

Here's a hunt to add to the annals: a tour (by bike, if you're feeling really adventurous) of sculptures by Tulsa's own Garden Deva Lisa Regan.

That's my personal collection of Regan's work - a wall hanging and a magnet. They're cute, they're whimsical and anyone who comes over sings their praises and wants to know where to get their own.

From the new Garden Deva Web site:
Lisa Regan has been cutting metal for almost twenty years. After finding success selling her sculptures at regional art fairs, she took the plunge in 1996, quitting her “real” job and going into business for herself. Since then, Garden Deva Sculpture Company has just been getting bigger and better. Lisa has gone from sculpting with scrap metal and borrowed equipment, to owning her own building which serves as a fully functioning metal shop as well as a popular venue for local art. Her work can be seen all over Tulsa; in schools, libraries, restaurants, youth centers, and private collections.
My favorite thing about Lisa Regan's work: you don't have to buy it to enjoy it. It's all over town. So, pick the sculptures you want to see, pack a lunch and hop on the bike. It's time to see Tulsa, Garden Deva-style.

Suggested route (starting in Sand Springs, headed east, as logically as I could surmise, through Tulsa):

1. Train on outside wall of Charles Page Library in Sand Springs
2. Kiosk at 2nd and Detroit, northwest corner
3. Figure sculptures in i-beam structure out front of the Educare Center (early learning for children under 5 years), 2511 E. 5th Place; also alot of work inside in the foyer - mobile and wall mounted pieces
4. Fence at Youth Services, 3rd & Norfolk
5. Prayer flag outside the Garden Deva studio at 317 S. Trenton Ave.
6. Signs for Family and Children's Services, on 8th Street just west of Peoria Ave. and at 202 W. 8th St.
7. Interior room divider at Wild Fork Restaurant at 1820 Utica Square
8. Brookside 'B's hanging along Peoria Ave. between 32nd St. to 48th
9. Interior wall pieces at Brookside Library at 1207 E. 45th Pl.
10. Figure Sculpture at entrance to Grimes Elementary at 3213 E. 56th St.
11. Two 19-foot Tree sculpture Garden Deva Sculpture Company made for M. Kadishman, an Israeli artist, whose work was bought by a local businessman seen in the gardens at Philbrook Museum and the Schusterman Center on the OU campus at 41st and Yale
12. 'Believe' sculpture in the garden at Ronald McDonald House at 6102 S. Hudson
13. Parking lot signs at Kingspointe Shopping Center at 61st and Yale
14. Butterfly mobile at Hicks Park Recreation Center at 3443 S. Mingo
15. Sconces and sign at Disney Head-Start School at 11610 E. 25th St.

Have an idea for a Tulsa scavenger hunt? Leave it in the comments.


snico said...

I love her work...

Mos Jef said...

That magnet reminds me of the Pearl Jam stick figure

Brigid said...

That's a fun idea. You even included my place of employment, so yay. :)

Rebecca A. Maynard said...

and we like to support those. Elote downtown is cool, too. I really like to support the ones that buy my daughter's spinach. Ha! commercial fence contractors orlando fl

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