Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day Light Trolling

Thanksgiving is here! As I sit here waiting for my country crust bread to rise and my herbed spaghetti squash to roast, I'd like you to help me rustle up some places to see some Christmas lights.

The first that comes to mind is the flurry of white lights at Utica Square, which comes on tonight at 6:30. The second is Rhema's larger-than-life light display, which went live yesterday.

We can't wait to swing our baby boy by both. The kid totally zones out when he sees lights, and though his current favorite are the track lights at Loops, I have a feeling Christmas lights will open an entirely new corner of his eager little mind.

Where do you go to gawk at Christmas lights?


hwall said...

The Spot yesterday had a really good section on where to see Christmas lights, what parades are happening when and what other holiday-inspired events are going on this month. Take a look, if you can find it among the 20,000 pages of sale ads.

Yogi said...

We do Rhema every year and some of the neighborhoods in south Tulsa between Sheridan and Harvard and 101st to 111th streets.
I think we are going to Chandler Park this year just for a change.

Becky said...

There are these AMAZING lights between Jenks and Sapulpa as you drive East on 121 (it turns into 117) I think it's out by Paragon. It's a whole forest of lights.

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