Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Labor Day Weekend: An Essay by Party Brenda

Blogger: Party Brenda
(photo credit: Chris Boldini, or something)

So, this weekend was Labor Day weekend. It was also a perfect opportunity for Tulsans to get out there and enjoy the town a little more than usual.

The weather was just wonderful, especially in the morning hours – or, so I hear. Party Brenda slept in. If there is one thing I enjoy more than a good karaoke party it is sleeping in.

Get Your Shop On

Anywho, I had a great weekend. I meet up with some friends and ate dinner at P.F. Changs in Utica Square. It was delicious. Then we strolled around trying to catch some Labor Day specials. I bought a great little white dress on sale, and some unmentionables too. Ha! Wouldn’t you like to know? I just love Utica Square and the wonderful outdoor environment they’ve created there.

After we were tired of walking around and a little sweaty ‘cause it had warmed up quite a bit by then, we all headed over the Osage Casino at the End of the Yellow Brick Road, I mean the L.L. Tisdale. I usually don’t like spending time in a casino (I’m broke), but my friends assured me I would have a good time. Plus, they have a bar.

A Party Favor

So, we went! May I just say, it is so nice that they have speakers in their parking lot! The place was packed and we had to park out in BFE, but with the speakers pumping out the classic music master pieces of the eighties we had a little added bounce in our step to the front door.

We walked inside and I immediately felt as if I had already smoked five cigarettes. I guess that appeals to some people. My friend Jack lit up first thing. The security guards that met us at the front entrance were very pleasant. They even offered Jack a light.

I only had three dollars to spend, so I wanted to find a low-bidding machine. I was telling my friends that I had played a pretty fun slot machine with my Party Grandma not that long ago. I can’t remember the name of it, but it’s a little more interactive than most slot machines and also not as complicated and number-y as others.

Well, I now hate that game because it devoured my first dollar in less than five minutes. Ah well. We moved on.(photo credit: WMS Gaming)

Jack was telling us about this game he’d played for hours one day called “Super Jackpot Party.” I immediately became interested ‘cause, you know, I like to party! The game starts out like most computerized slot machines by having you pick the number of lines and how much you want to bet and yada yada yada, BUT, if you get three party symbols anywhere on the screen…

You get to have a party.

Balloons fall from the top on the screen and party blower noise maker thingys are blown, and then Disco Inferno starts playing on the speakers. I was so excited to have this party. Then the screen fills with wrapped gifts that you get to open by touching the screen. The gifts contain anything from extra credits at multiple levels, to whack a party pooper game, to a dance-off, to multiplying all the credits you had already won, etc. The best part is that you get to keep selecting gifts until you select a “party pooper” gift. The party pooper comes in and, of course, ends the party by saying something really stupid like, “Shouldn’t we all be studying?” Or, a cop will come in, and we all know how much of a party pooper one of those can be.

The game was awesome, is what I’m getting at. I spent a little more time on this one with my remaining two dollars, but I was really temped to withdraw some more cash from my checking account.

Then, we went to the bar…watched some football games and drank some Corona. Yum. Good Times.

In Conclusion

The things I wish I could have done this weekend were:

A. Buy more new clothes;

B. Drink some iced coffee at the Coffee House on Cherry Street;

C. Spent a little more time by the pool…or, just outside in general. It was beautiful.

Oh! And…

D. Hang out with my BFF Natasha. I guess she was kinda being a party pooper herself this weekend. I’m sure we’ll all hear what she’s been up to here on the blog soon.

So, in conclusion, I hope everyone found their own special little way of enjoying the long weekend. I did. We can only hope that the winter will be filled with extra icy, deadly conditions so that we don’t have to go to work all those days and we can stay home and make my award-winning cheesecake and hot chocolate.

Good-bye, summer. We will miss you. Oh, and hey, summer? See you at El Guapo later for some roof top drinks. Love it. Party On!

Natasha’s note: I was really busy being pregnant this weekend. Party Brenda and I get to hang out at Coffee Jesus tonight. Good thing there's no full moon...

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